2015 - 2016 Junior Board

Mission: To support the YWCA Greater Harrisburg in its mission to eliminate racism, empower women and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

Goals: To develop leadership and community service skills in Junior Board members; to mentor and foster those who have a desire to serve the Greater Harrisburg community; and to become familiar with, raise awareness of, and raise funds in support of the mission and operations of the YWCA by participating in related projects.

Women between the ages of 21-35 are eligible to serve.

Executive Committee

  • Jennifer CruverKibi - President
  • Kara Scarboro - Vice President
  • Alyssa Broda - Treasurer
  • Michelle Sandom - Secretary
  • Erin Burlew - Immediate Past President


  • Sandra Aguilera
  • Danielle Bowers
  • Tiffany Bufort
  • Caitlin Copus
  • Jacqulyn Harris
  • Stephanie Hasanali
  • Destini Hodges
  • Jade Honey
  • Sarah Hyser-Staub
  • Vera Kanova 
  • Jenna Karge
  • Marisa Lehr
  • Michelle Sandom
  • Casey Stokes Rodriguez
  • Erin Varley
  • Cadie Wyatt
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