Supervised Family Visitation Center

Who qualifies for this service?

The YWCA offers supervised visitation and monitored exchange services for cases involving domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking or dating violence. While referrals are made by courts, Children and Youth Services, etc, self referrals are also accepted. Supervised visitation and exchange services will:

  • Provide a safe, conflict-free environment for children to visit with non-custodial parent
  • Help keep child(ren) safe during exchanges and visitation
  • Encourage the parent/child relationship
  • Provide access to meaningful referrals and community resources

Counties Served

Dauphin, Cumberland, Perry

The YWCA Visitation Center is unique in providing supervised visits in Dauphin County. Providers are limited.

The YWCA’s Visitation Center facilitates court-ordered, supervised visitation between children and their non-custodial parents. Families are also provided a safe environment through monitored custody exchanges from custodial parent to non-custodial parent for off-site visits.

For more information, please contact the Visitation Services Team Leader at 717-234-7931.

Monitored Exchange

The custodial parent/guardian brings the child to the center, where the visiting parent picks up and returns the child. Exchanges are monitored by staff.

Semi-Supervised Visits

The court may arrange to have visits held exclusively at the center. Generally, the extent of supervision is limited to monitoring arrival and departure, and offering assistance as needed.

Supervised Visits

Visits are held at the center and are closely monitored by visitation staff, who watch and listen at all times. Staff intervene when necessary to ensure appropriate parent/child interaction.

Duration of Services

Semi-supervised and supervised visitations generally last 1-2 hours and occur 1-3 times a week. The frequency and duration of visits for any particular family may be determined by a judge, by stipulation between the parents’ attorneys, parental agreement, or any other referral agency.

Cost of Services

Custody and court referrals for visitation will be charged $15/hour for supervised and semi-supervised visitation services.


Families may be referred by guardians ad litem, courts, Children and Youth Services, or other social services agencies. Families may also self-refer.

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