Supported Employment

The Supported Employment program utilizes a well-defined approach to helping people with disabilities or complex barriers participate in the competitive labor market. Our program uses an evidence-based treatment model proven to achieve positive results in helping people with mental illness find and keep employment.

Manage Recovery and Sustain Employment Through:

  • Helping you manage your recovery and secure steady employment
  • Gaining the skills and accessing the support you need to overcome fear and chart a path for success
  • Giving you the confidence to take charge of your life

Supported Employment's Core Principles

  • Zero exclusion
  • Integrated employment and treatment
  • Competitive jobs
  • Rapid job search
  • Systematic job development
  • Time-unlimited support
  • Consumer preferences
  • Benefits planning

For more information, please contact:

Marlai Paxton
Supported Employment/Ticket to Work Team Leader
YWCA Greater Harrisburg
1101 Market St.
Harrisburg, PA  17103
Phone: 717-234-7931 Ext: 3005
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