“… promoting achievement and success for young adults”

The Clinical Assessment, Peer Support, Treatment and ON-Going, Education/Employment  (CAPSTONE)Program is a collaborative of multiple service providers aimed at addressing the growing need for comprehensive support for young adults in Dauphin County who have recently experienced their first episode of psychosis. The CAPSTONE Program will utilize the collective resources of Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute (PPI), Dauphin County MH/ID, Case Management Unit (CMU), and the YWCA Greater Harrisburg to support clients and families experiencing First Episode Psychosis (FEP) 

The CAPSTONE team Includes:

  • Program Director (PPI) - who educates the community, processes new referrals to the program, and leads the team.
  • Prescriber (PPI) - trained in using low doses of medications and addressing special issues of clients with first episode psychosis
  • Individual Resiliency Trainer (PPI) - who helps individuals identify and work towards their goals, teaching strategies and skills to build resiliency in coping with psychosis
  • Family Education Clinician (PPI) - who helps the whole family learn about psychosis and how to manage it, and also how to support each other and build family resiliency
  • Supported Employment and Education Specialist (YWCA) - who helps people identify and achieve their educational and/or employment goals.
  • Case Management (CMU) - helps ensure that the individual/family have access to the necessary services that they need to be successful.

Who We Serve:

  • Young adults between 16 – 26
  • Dauphin County Residents
  • Individuals who have recently experienced their first documented episode of psychosis 

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