Straight Talk on Race in the Workplace

Do you find it difficult to understand and address issues of race in the workplace? Talking about race and racism is uncomfortable, and navigating those dynamics in a work setting has its own unique challenges.

Often racial issues are swept under the rug because people don’t know how to talk about them, or are unwilling to. Sometimes they don't know the appropriate language to use, or are unaware of how the language that they do use is hurtful to others.

Workshop Details

To help businesses and organizations address these issues, the YWCA offers an interactive 2-hour workshop focused on educating and equipping your employees to use their language in a way that create a respectful and inclusive work environment. The learning objectives for participants are to:

  • Gain a basic framework for understanding prejudice, oppression and specifically racism.
  • Understand the impact that racialized language has in a work environment.
  • Understand the appropriate racial language to use, avoid and why.
  • Gain strategies for responding to racial “OUCH!” moments.


If you are interested in bringing this training to your workplace, please contact Amanda Arbour, Racial Justice Program Coordinator, at or 717-234-7931 x3057.

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