Racial Justice

 "Eliminating racism" is at the core of the YWCA's mission, and thus our Racial Justice programs focus on partnering with other active organizations and individuals to work towards making this a reality. 

10 things that YOU can do to eliminate racism:

1. Explore your identity to understand your history and how you experience privilege and oppression.
2. Examine yourself for unconscious attitudes and behaviors that contribute to racism.
3. Educate yourself by talking with others, viewing films, reading books and articles, and attending events.
4. Speak up and interrupt racist jokes, comments or actions; silence allows racism to continue.
5. Write a letter-to-the-editor in response to racist incidents in your community or biased news coverage.
6. Choose media that respectfully represents people of all races without reducing them to stereotypical roles.
7. Organize a discussion group on issues of racism with your co-workers, friends or faith community.
8. Work with your local school to support antiracist, multicultural curriculum and materials in the classroom.
9. Contact your elected officials to advocate for policies that further racial justice.
10. Get involved with the YWCA Greater Harrisburg’s racial justice programs!

To learn more about Racial Justice at the YWCA Greater Harrisburg, please contact:

Amanda Arbour
Racial Justice Program Coordinator
1101 Market St.
Harrisburg, PA  17103
(717) 234-7931 x3057
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